A Growing Culture of Anti-Semitism on AMERICAN college campuses!

This video (produced by The Israel Project) is hard to watch as Jewish person...

When an idea permeates our college campuses it is only a matter of time until it becomes a mainstream cultural belief.

Here is the reaction of Ezekiel 37:21's young college intern:

This video was really eye opening. I honestly had not realized how bad it has gotten for young Jews like myself in America. These College students are suffering persecution that recalls to mind the events heralding the rise of Hitler's Nazi regime. This is a truly sobering and frightening thing, Jews truly have no place to call home in the eyes of the world. If we live outside of Israel, we are hated. If we live inside of Israel we are called oppressors, an evil occupying force, and are hated. What are we to do?

The video link is here (Hate On Campus).

anti semitism on college campuses

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