Living in Israel is Difficult … but Worth It.

unnamedIsraeli blogger and immigrant from the U.S., JamieĀ Geller, (his blog is here: LINK), shares his top three reasons to STAY in Israel. Why would anyone have to give reasons to STAY in Israel? Because life, especially for new Olim (immigrants) can be difficult. Adjusting to the culture of Israel, getting (and keeping) a job can be hard, and the transition for a family (especially children) can be challenging. In spite of all of this, Jamie gives compelling reasons for Jewish people to persevere in making Aliyah. The full article is here: LINK.

I think a portion of the people who make aliyah and return to their home countries after a few years lose sight of why they made aliyah in the first place. Life in Israel is a struggle and a challenge. Nothing comes easy here, but despite that, there is so much about Israel that is unique and wonderful.

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