We empower all Jewish people to make Aliyah.

Because Ezekiel 37:21 isn't for someday - it's for today!

What is The Ezekiel 37:21 Project?

The Ezekiel 37:21 Project is a brand new venture! After multiple years of pursuing their own Aliyah - and experiencing many of the ups and downs of the process - our Shlichim realized that the virulent and ever growing wave of "Anti-Israelism" and Anti-Semitism worldwide will bring a coming wave of Aliyah to Israel.

 We want to help our Jewish people move to Israel while they can still do so  freely in Western Nations like America.

Our desire is to open the door of Aliyah for all those who want to pursue it! Think of us as specialized, personal shlichim who help  Jewish people in America see the danger of the growing worldwide Anti-Semitism - and prepare for Aliyah to Israel before it is too late.
We provide:
  • Personal counseling based on your specific Aliyah process. We have shlichim based in America and in Israel who can give you amazing personal advice!
  • Advice on preparing for the Aliyah process - what paperwork to gather, how and where to apply.
  • Wisdom concerning the three potential Aliyah pitfalls: Community, Finances, and Language.
  • Help if things go wrong: getting you in touch with Israeli Legal Experts.
We are looking for:
  • Individuals and families who have clear evidence of a Jewish Grandparent or Parent - and feel the call to make Aliyah in the next 5 years.
  • Donors to provide ongoing support for this vital and important work. 100% of all  donations go to employ our personal shlichim - and to financially assist families making Aliyah - as we are able.

Do you have clear, physical evidence of a Jewish grandparent or parent - and are curious about making Aliyah?

Contact us today!

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